Nadar Spices - we are a fifth-generation merchant exporter, dealing with Indian plantation coffee, medicinal herbs, and Indian spices like cardamom, pepper, chillies. Our flagship business division is the trade and export of Indian green cardamom and Indian plantation coffee. Our strength lies in the synergy between years of wisdom passed across generations, and the urge to deliver high quality spices across the globe.

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Assured quality

We are mentored by people who have more than 30 years experience in the spices and food industry. Their experience, and expertise help us deliver the highest quality.

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On-time delivery of orders

A 5000 sq. ft. processing unit, good rapport with local dealers, and an efficient skilled employee base helps ensure on-time delivery of orders every single time.

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Flexible packing

We provide a variety of including convenient packing options—including consumer packing for Indian green cardamom and Indian plantation coffee--according to our clients’ requirements.

Our forefathers

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Late Mr. SPGR Subramaniyam

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Late Mr. SPG Ramasamy

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Late Mr. SPGR Selvarajan

Our great-great-grandfather, Mr. SP Gunamalai started the cardamom business in the early 1900s with his son Mr. SPG Ramasamy and other partners from Virudhunagar, and around. Later Mr. SPG Ramasamy went on to build his own business conglomerate with a variety of businesses like spices trading, cardamom exports to countries like China, Japan, Russia, and metal fitting industries. Over the years, with his business acumen and the hardwork of his sons and grandchildren the firm developed into the top Indian cardamom exporter in the country and went on to launch a successful Indian cardamom brand in the Gulf region, which still is the top selling brand by volume and quality across countries like Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Our Vision

We as a company reflect our great-grandfather Late Mr. SPG Ramasamy’s vision “To spread the aroma and fragrance of Indian spices across the globe, by building strong consumer brands”. We the youngest generation from his clan wish to add value to this vision by building a company that trades and export the highest quality Indian spices across the globe, building consumer brands wherever possible.

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Our Brand

MASA means ‘Diamonds’ in Arabic, signifying the highest quality of our products.
We started our Indian Green Cardamom consumer packing sales in the Gulf region with the introduction of our cardamom brand “MASA CARDAMOM” in June 2017. Since then our brand has been in high demand in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the quality, the competitve price point, and the consistent product quality across shipments.
MASA brand products will always be associated with the highest quality at the most affordable prices possible. We believe that sticking to this positioning will help us gain good market share among the other dozens of Indian Green Cardamom brands currently available in the Jeddah markets. We also expect to expand our geographical presence to other cities in Saudi Arabia and the neighbouring Guld countries very soon. In the coming years, MASA brand Indian Plantation coffee will also start making its way into the Gulf region.

Our agents

Gulf region

All our products –including Indian green cardamom, and Indian plantation coffee—both as white labels and in our MASA brand is marketed and sold by our agents Salem Binmahfooz Establishment, Saudi Arabia. With offices in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dubai they are the top importers of Indian food products like cardmaom, coffee beans, and basmati rice in the Gulf region.

Our Sales Team


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Rest of the world

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